Piercing Aftercare

Aftercare for Your New Piercing

We recommend using a saline wound wash, which can be conveniently purchased at our studio or in the first aid section at most stores.

Always wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning your new piercing. Clean your new piercing twice a day. The most important times of the dare are after you shower or after you exercise.

Cleaning will Include Two Steps:

  1. Soak the new piercing. Saturate a cotton ball or folded paper towel with saline wound wash. Hold this gently over both sides of your new piercing for 3-5 minutes. (For navel or nipple piercings, use a shot glass)

  2. Apply saline wound wash to a q-tip and gently clean around all sides of your new piercing to remove any debris attached to the jewelry or around the piercing canal.

Aftercare should be done for the entire healing process. DO NOT stop aftercare before your minimum healing period (even if it "seems" healed before then).

Most piercings have an 8-week healing period. Cartilage piercings have a 10-week minimum healing period but can take much longer than that depending on aftercare and jewelry choice. You should never twist or move the jewelry inside of your new piercing. If you must reposition your jewelry, do so after cleaning. Jewelry should never be taken out or replaced before your minimum healing process is over. For the first two weeks of the healing period do not swim, take a bath or have any oral contact on your new piercing.

We do not ever recommend the use of hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, Bactine, contact lens solution, or antiseptic soap. If you have any questions or concerns during your healing process, please contact the studio or your piercer directly.